Voracity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Voracity

extreme hunger for food or an activity that is powerful and consuming

Examples of Voracity in a sentence

Her voracity for reading was marked by her overflowing bookshelves, too much money spent at her favorite little bookshop, and the fact that she read at least one book a day.  🔊

The pregnant woman was so consumed by a voracity for pizza with anchovies that she ordered nearly a dozen large pizzas every two weeks.  🔊

After completing a 12 mile jog, the runner was filled with a voracity for carbs that made her stop by the grocery store and buy a dozen donuts.  🔊

The honors student was filled with such a voracity for learning that she read textbooks for fun.  🔊

The exercise enthusiast was filled with a voracity for working out that could only be filled by going to the gym every day.  🔊

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