Unctuous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Unctuous

not expressing true feelings; pretending to display true feelings

Examples of Unctuous in a sentence

Find me a politician without an unctuous personality, and I’ll pay you a million bucks! 🔊

Nicky’s unctuous demeanor got on everyone’s nerves.  🔊

Turned off by the unctuous compliments, the woman turned down the man’s offer of a drink. 🔊

His unctuous hand gestures let everyone know he was upset about the encounter.  🔊

The head cheerleader made an unctuous effort to get the geeks to give her their prom queen votes.  🔊

Because she resembles a famous movie star, my friend receives unctuous attention when we go out to dinner.  🔊

His impression of the president was unctuous and poorly done.  🔊

When Janice walked into her party, she pretended to be surprised with an unctuous performance.  🔊

Harrison’s unctuous behavior made him seem as if he had spent every moment of his life in the theater.  🔊

Because she wanted to borrow his car, Sarah gave her father unctuous praise.  🔊

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