Exquisite in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Exquisite

especially fine or pleasing; exceptional

Examples of Exquisite in a sentence

She wore an exquisite dress, which left all the guests staring in surprise. 🔊

The wedding cake was absolutely exquisite, unlike any he had seen before. 🔊

The chef made an exquisite presentation with the meal for the evening. 🔊

He had an exquisite sense of style, which was unusual for a country boy. 🔊

With the sun shining down and a cool breeze in the air, there was no more exquisite weather they could have hoped for. 🔊

The jewelry shop owner set up an exquisite display to attract customers. 🔊

The painter was known for his exquisite works of art. 🔊

Even though it was an exquisite work, the sculpture was too expensive for anyone to show real interest. 🔊

He believed that this exquisite necklace would help him woe his girlfriend. 🔊

She had an exquisite upbringing, which left her with expensive taste. 🔊

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