Superlative in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Superlative

exceptionally good; excellent

Examples of Superlative in a sentence

She was a superlative student, getting nearly perfect grades on every assignment.  🔊

The old sage had superlative wisdom, making him the go-to man for advice of all kinds.  🔊

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize must be a superlative person.  🔊

Though his girlfriend had superlative grammar, her lack of social etiquette made her an embarrassment in social interactions.  🔊

The author had a superlative story-telling ability, but his grammar left something to be desired.  🔊

He was congratulated on his superlative humanitarian efforts.  🔊

Being diagnosed with cancer, the man looked to find a doctor with a superlative record.  🔊

He walked with a superlative flair, causing everyone to turn their heads as he passed by.  🔊

With her experience in the field, she would be a superlative fit for the job.  🔊

Only the most superlative clothing is fit for a king.  🔊

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