Factual in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Factual

having the quality or characteristic of being true or grounded in reality

Examples of Factual in a sentence

That two plus two equals four is a completely factual statement, and no one can ever claim it to be false. 🔊

I gave a factual retelling of where I had been last night, telling my partner only the truth and the facts. 🔊

When you read a historical account of an event, you assume that all of the information within is factual, but for all we know some of it could be mistaken. 🔊

I was reading an account of an adventurer from the past, but I knew his tale was not completely factual when he mentioned fighting a dragon. 🔊

A story can only be considered factual if everything within it is the absolute truth, with no lies or exaggerations in it. 🔊

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