Callow in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Callow

immature, lacking in life experience

Examples of Callow in a sentence

1. Since the callow baker was new to cake decorating, she did not know how to properly frost the multi-layer cake.  🔉

2. Alice is a callow secretary who needs to take a few more computer classes. 🔉

3. Even though Jack was a callow football player who only played one game with the junior varsity team, he still hoped to earn a spot on the varsity squad. 🔉

4. When Sarah was a callow young girl, she believed she could get pregnant simply by kissing a boy. 🔉

5. The callow basketball player missed an incredibly easy shot. 🔉

6. New to the force, the callow detective was not prepared for his first case. 🔉

7. As a teacher with over thirty years of experience, Carol is definitely not a callow educator. 🔉

8. When Frank is trying to impress his friends, he will sometimes do stupid things and behave in a callow manner. 🔉

9. Many people wonder if Charles can manage the company at his callow age of twenty-six. 🔉

10. Although Janice believes she is a mature woman, she is actually quite callow and behaves like a small child when she does not get her way. 🔉

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