Mendacity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mendacity

lack of honesty

Examples of Mendacity in a sentence

Because Melinda was known for her mendacity, she was the first suspect the police interviewed. 🔊

You can always tell a con man by his mendacity and desire to trick you out of your money. 🔊

Since honesty is very important to me, I was deeply offended by my ex-husband’s mendacity. 🔊

Jim cannot find employment at a bank because of his mendacity. 🔊

Even though the drug company is known for its mendacity when promoting new drugs, it has in fact created several life-saving products. 🔊

My daughter’s mendacity with her teacher has kept her grounded for most of the school year. 🔊

As a politician, Alan tries very hard to hide his mendacity from the voters. 🔊

Edward’s mendacity makes him a big winner at the poker tables. 🔊

When the lawyer accused the priest of mendacity, he shocked everyone in the courtroom. 🔊

In a healthy relationship, both parties should favor truthfulness and not mendacity. 🔊

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