Imposture in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Imposture

the act of deceiving while using a fake identity

Examples of Imposture in a sentence

1. As soon as the immigration officer saw the fake passport, he knew the traveler was taking part in an imposture. 🔉

2. If the heiress has been taken in by John’s imposture, she may be in danger of losing her fortune to a conman. 🔉

3. William knew if he did not continue his imposture he would be executed for pretending to be the dictator’s long-lost brother. 🔉

4. The scam artist’s imposture involved convincing elderly people he could increase their retirement incomes for a small fee. 🔉

5. Hank was willing to pretend he was a priest as long as the imposture allowed him to get close to the church safe. 🔉

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