Disingenuous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Disingenuous

not candid or sincere; generally by pretending one knows less than one actually does

Examples of Disingenuous in a sentence

Because the public viewed the politician’s speech as disingenuous, they did not vote for him. 🔊

While Catherine pretended to be trustworthy, she was in reality a disingenuous woman who would do whatever it took to get her way.  🔊

Although the politician promised to be open and honest during the election, he later became disingenuous and hid important facts from the voters. 🔊

Disingenuous individuals usually become successful by misleading others.  🔊

The pharmaceutical manufacturer was clearly disingenuous when it knowingly placed the dangerous drug on the market.  🔊

The detective was a disingenuous man who often played dumb to trick others into confessing.  🔊

By nature, most individuals are disingenuous and try to hide their true intentions from others.  🔊

Do not allow disingenuous people to deceive you to the point where you do something stupid!  🔊

While Jamie’s request for forgiveness seemed sincere, it really was the most disingenuous apology I had ever heard.  🔊

The salesman tried to fool potential customers by using disingenuous language.  🔊

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