Fiction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fiction

something that is imaginary or not real, typically in reference to stories and books

Examples of Fiction in a sentence

My favorite work of fiction is the Star Wars cinema series, as it introduced me to the world of science fiction and made me realize how cool it is.  🔊

Many children weave a piece of fiction when they lie to their parents, but their story is so ridiculous that no adult would ever fall for them.  🔊

This movie is a work of fiction, including fantastical creatures that do not really exist such as dragons, griffins, and goblins.  🔊

For someone that is extremely creative, they should consider writing works of fiction to express their creativity beyond reality.  🔊

A work of fiction is any work that takes place in some setting that is not reality, such as a fantasy world with dragons and warlocks.  🔊

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