Fleck in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Fleck

a small patch of color or light

Examples of Fleck in a sentence

In the darkness of the night sky, each star is a fleck of light that makes the entire thing brighter and more than a sheet of black. 🔊

If you are out in the woods at night, you may not have even a fleck of light to guide you, as the ambient light of cities is absent. 🔊

The headlights of an oncoming car at night will appear as a mere fleck at first, but as it gets closer the light will get brighter and larger. 🔊

Even though we spent all day painting our barn, there was still a fleck of brown among all of the red paint.  🔊

If there is even one fleck of brown on my white car, it is basically a blight on my eyes and I must get rid of it.  🔊

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