Foible in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Foible

a minor flaw or shortcoming in character or behavior

Examples of Foible in a sentence

Smoking is the foible that prevents Jenna from being healthy.  🔊

Although many people consider Bob’s impatience as a foible, I view it as a passion to get things done.  🔊

Jake’s only foible is his weakness for the gambling tables.  🔊

Because I only smoke when I am nervous, I do not consider my smoking habit to be a foible.  🔊

Helen’s uncontrollable temper is a foible that is bound to get her into trouble one day.  🔊

Although George is a gorgeous man physically, his foible of looking down upon others makes him unattractive at times.  🔊

I love my husband even when he is showing his worst foible and being somewhat obnoxious.  🔊

While I try and be patient with everyone, dishonesty is one foible I cannot tolerate.  🔊

Wallace’s habit of talking before thinking is his most unpleasant foible.  🔊

In the book, the hero’s greed was the foible that caused his downfall.  🔊

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