Derogatory in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Derogatory

conveying a poor opinion of something or someone

Examples of Derogatory in a sentence

To a mentally disabled person, the term “retarded” is viewed as a derogatory word. đź”Š

The public criticized the basketball team owner after he made derogatory remarks about minorities.  đź”Š

The restaurant’s derogatory name caused people to avoid eating there. đź”Š

Because the woman made derogatory remarks about the president’s children, she lost her job as a senator’s aide.  đź”Š

The racists often refer to minority groups in derogatory terms.  đź”Š

When talking about his rival, the politician made a derogatory statement that became a trending topic on Twitter.  đź”Š

My husband’s derogatory comments really hurt me.  đź”Š

Because the man’s derogatory statements offended the waitress, she refused to serve him.  đź”Š

Since James has a derogatory credit report, he is finding it hard to get a car loan.  đź”Š

Once you finish insulting me with derogatory words, we can have a peaceful conversation.  đź”Š

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