Foul in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Foul

pertaining to something that is unpleasant to someone’s sight, touch, taste, smell or hearing

Examples of Foul in a sentence

With the foul odor lingering in the air, many people were pinching their noses so they would not have to smell it.  🔊

Plumbers may cause a foul sight for homeowners since they frequently will bend over without their pants being completely at their waistline.  🔊

On St. Patrick’s Day, a foul feeling of a pinch usually makes people squirm or flinch since they did not wear green that day.  🔊

After eating sardines, it left a foul taste in my mouth due to the fishiness of the food.  🔊

Every high-pitched scream from a baby makes a foul sound in my ears making me realize why I don’t have children.  🔊

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