Objectionable in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Objectionable

insulting or upsetting actions or behaviors

Examples of Objectionable in a sentence

Since there was objectionable content in the movie, the teenager’s mother refused to let her daughter see the movie with her friends. đź”Š

Any time the hypochondriac claimed to be sick, we felt certain his objectionable disease was merely a desire for attention. đź”Š

Even though Billy was diagnosed with an objectionable disorder, it was believed he may just be a regular spritely 7-year old. đź”Š

Objectionable methods used to extract terrorists’ information like water torture were frowned upon by some citizens but approved by military officials.  đź”Š

In the 1960s, mental hospitals’ objectionable procedures for treating their patients included electric shocks which are now prohibited.  đź”Š

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