Gallimaufry in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gallimaufry

a confused mess of things

Examples of Gallimaufry in a sentence

The excuses of the young children was a gallimaufry of nonsense, each of them saying something different that made no sense.  🔊

After the tornado made the town little more than a gallimaufry of destruction and debris, many people were left without a home.  🔊

The two toddlers left the house in a state of gallimaufry, leaving garbage all over the floor and crayon on the walls.  🔊

A strong wind blew through the air, buffeting the stack of papers I held from my hands and scattering them in a gallimaufry that that disorganized them all.  🔊

When I returned home after work, I found that my dog had torn into the pillows on the couch and left the living room in a fluffy state of gallimaufry.  🔊

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