Gallivanting in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gallivanting

to roam from place to place for pleasure or excitement

Examples of Gallivanting in a sentence

The mischievous wanderer was gallivanting around town in search of something to entertain himself, paying no heed to those around him.  🔊

Someone who is gallivanting around the city is looking for some means of entertainment and nothing else.  🔊

The group of drunken teenagers was gallivanting around the town, causing trouble and mischief without any heed to others in their search for self-pleasure and fun.  🔊

Wandering around the city is one thing, but gallivanting means you are specifically wandering in search of something that pleases or entertains you.  🔊

Having exhausted all of the fun things to do at the arcade, my friends and I began gallivanting around the mall to find something new to entertain us.  🔊

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