Closeness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Closeness

to be in immediate distance or time to something else

Examples of Closeness in a sentence

Living in the same community, the closeness of the family could be seen when they attended every function together.  🔊

Since the only seats left were in the front row of the movie theater, the closeness of these seats to the movie screen made it difficult read the subtitles.  🔊

Standing next to the speakers at the rock concert caused hearing loss for the young concertgoers due to their closeness to the noise.  🔊

My house’s closeness to my next door neighbor’s house meant that I only had a few feet to mow in the space between our houses.  🔊

Due to the closeness of the start of the race, Charles ran to the starting line so he wouldn’t be disqualified for being late.  🔊

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