Grant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Grant

to consent to provide something that was asked for

Examples of Grant in a sentence

Since the couple proved they had been working full-time for the past three years and had limited bills, the bank decided to grant them a house loan.  🔊

“The state will grant immunity since your client said he would explain where the crime weapon was stashed in exchange for no prison time,” the prosecutor told the man’s lawyer.  🔊

Sally’s parents would grant her permission to go on the week-long ski trip after she begged and begged for hours.  🔊

It was difficult to believe that Santa Claus would grant her wish for a puppy, but she was surprised when the dog arrived on Christmas day.  🔊

Prisoners frequently will write to their state’s governor so he will grant them a pardon releasing them early from prison.  🔊

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