Grouch in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Grouch

a moaner and complainer

Examples of Grouch in a sentence

My teenager will often become a grouch by whining when I simply ask him to clean his room.  🔊

When many dissatisfied customers started sending their orders back to the chef, the grouch left the kitchen with his apron still on to yell at the customers.  🔊

I realized that my cat had turned into a grouch when she endlessly cried and meowed in my ear for no reason at all.  🔊

After asking the grouch sitting in the back of the classroom to answer the question, all the student did was whimper and make rude remarks.  🔊

When I realized that the young clerk was having a bad day while being sick, I understood why she was such a grouch while I waited in line.  🔊

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