Factotum in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Factotum

person having many responsibilities

Examples of Factotum in a sentence

As a factotum, my friend impressed me with his ability to rewire a house, work difficult math problems and design a necklace.  🔊

At the fast food restaurant, Kevin won the employee of the month award because as a factotum he would do every task assigned to him by his supervisor without fail.  🔊

After accomplishing every task on the woman’s list from installing a new sink to babysitting the children, the factotum proved his worth and earned his pay for the day.  🔊

As a flipper, I would need to hire a factotum in order to accurately fix every single problem that needed to be fixed in the house including painting, fixing the flooring, installing appliances and repairing the roof.  🔊

I never worry about my son’s education since his teacher acts as a factotum because she can accurately teach every subject at his high school.  🔊

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