Hereafter in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hereafter

usually signifies a change or transition that will be the norm from this point on

Examples of Hereafter in a sentence

Michael started to cry at the funeral when he realized that he would hereafter never taste his grandmother’s cookies or feel her hugs again.  🔊

The teacher informed the class that they would hereafter be working on the functions of the human heart and no longer discuss the brain.  🔊

After the children left their toys all over the floor again, their father decided that hereafter they would no longer be allowed to play in the living room.  🔊

The bride said her vows and promised hereafter that she would love her husband until death and into eternity.  🔊

The student council announced that hereafter they would no longer accept checks for prom tickets and only take cash or credit cards.  🔊

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