Denotation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Denotation

the literal meaning of a word

Examples of Denotation in a sentence

While the word ‘rock’ has come to describe a certain form of music, its literal denotation refers only to actual stone.  🔊

Certain words have come to mean different things in today’s society, but the denotation of those words still means the same thing as they did in the past.  🔊

The word ‘mule’ is sometimes used to refer to a stubborn person, but its denotation means ‘a cross between a horse and a donkey.’  🔊

The denotation of the word ‘chick’ literally refers to baby birds, but the word is often used to refer to people as well.  🔊

The literal meaning of a word is its denotation, but the way it is used or perceived is referred to as its connotation.  🔊

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