Mindset in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Mindset

an established set of attitudes and beliefs that someone holds

Examples of Mindset in a sentence

A person’s mindset is often determined by how they have been raised and the experiences they have had, though the way they think can change over time. 🔊

A soldier is often of the mindset that he might have to kill other people to protect his own comrades and his country. 🔊

I am of the mindset that there’s no reason to put off things I can do now to instead do later, since it will require the same amount of time and effort regardless. 🔊

For several decades in the past, the United States had an isolationist mindset that stopped them from getting involved in the foreign affairs of other countries, including major wars.  🔊

The mindset of a sniper is one of silence and stealth, staying completely still for hours on end or more just to line up the perfect shot.  🔊

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