Heroism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Heroism

the qualities characteristic of a hero, such as courage, bravery, fortitude, unselfishness, etc.

Examples of Heroism in a sentence

The firefighters showed their bravery and heroism when they were able to retrieve the family members from the burning house right before it crashed to the ground. 🔊

While the bank was being robbed, the guard showed his true heroism when he disarmed the gunman in a matter of thirty seconds without anybody getting hurt. 🔊

I was proud of the heroism my son displayed to the class bully when he stood up to him when everyone else was scared to do that. 🔊

Everyone who becomes a police officer must realize that they are in a very dangerous occupation where they may be put into situations where they may have to show their bravery and heroism. 🔊

During the battle, the soldier created an act of heroism when he covered the grenade and took the impact to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. 🔊

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