Normalize in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Normalize

to adhere to the common or regular ways

Examples of Normalize in a sentence

Since breastfeeding is a natural process for infants, many people feel the need to normalize the act of breastfeeding in public.  🔊

Due to my mother’s continuously high blood pressure, the doctor decided to normalize it to be within a healthy range with medication.  🔊

When the situation got out of hand at the rock concert, the police decided the best way to normalize the concert goers’ behavior was to start arresting people.  🔊

At first the emergency doctor decided to stabilize the victim by stopping the bleeding and then to normalize her heart rate by creating a steady beat.  🔊

Once Carol endured her husband having a heart attack and her daughter’s dangerous car accident, Carol began to normalize her life again by doing her usual daily activities.  🔊

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