Humble in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Humble

not thinking of yourself as better than other people, or of low social, administrative, or political rank

Examples of Humble in a sentence

After twenty years as a humble worker, he finally got the opportunity to lead. 🔊

Due to her humble attitude, no one even knew she was a doctor until the need for one arose. 🔊

Though he was humble about his accomplishments, he was actually highly respected in his field. 🔊

No one should work so hard to be humble that he feels bad about his own successes. 🔊

Despite his accomplishments, he maintained a humble attitude. 🔊

Claiming to be humble is actually a contradiction of itself. 🔊

A priest is called to be a humble servant of the lord. 🔊

Though he appeared to be a humble butler, he was actually quite well-informed about all matters his employer was involved in. 🔊

His humble appearance made it easy for the spy to slip in without arousing suspicion. 🔊

Many of the most successful business owners today came from humble beginnings. 🔊

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