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Definition of Idiosyncrasy

an odd habit or peculiar behavior; behavior or way of thought specific to an individual

Examples of Idiosyncrasy in a sentence

Her worst idiosyncrasy involved repeating back every word that was said to her.

While my father had many peculiar habits, his biggest idiosyncrasy was collecting his own toenail clippings.

Your idiosyncrasy of always wearing a red hat makes you look ridiculous

Frustrated by his wife’s idiosyncrasy of following him around town, Jerry filed for divorce two months after his wedding.

The home’s colorful idiosyncrasy made it stand out in the neighborhood of white houses.

An idiosyncrasy is what makes you unique from everyone else.

Because of his idiosyncrasy to oranges, Franklin got a small rash every time he drank orange juice.

Marsha’s anxiety about her idiosyncrasy caused her to spend most of her time alone.

Although they are identical twins, Pam and Allison both have an idiosyncrasy which allows you to tell them apart.

The little boy had an idiosyncrasy which made him believe he could talk to animals.

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