Madcap in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Madcap

musingly quirky or eccentric

Examples of Madcap in a sentence

Mr. Livingstone is definitely a madcap, but his crazy rambling about magic and fairies isn’t hurting anyone. 🔊

The class madcap is Lloyd, an unusually strange kid who always talks in riddles and laughs at all of his own jokes. 🔊

Because I would talk to myself as a kid, my Dad always said I was a madcap, though I’m sure he meant it in an endearing way. 🔊

Kylee’s grandfather is a madcap of a man, who refuses to place garden gnomes in his yard because of some unspoken fear.  🔊

Isaac is the resident madcap of the group, who believes in always knocking on a doorframe three times before entering a house.  🔊

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