Infatuated in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infatuated

to have a strong liking for someone or something

Examples of Infatuated in a sentence

The infatuated student brought his teacher a red apple every day.  🔊

Jan was immediately infatuated with her attractive blind date.  🔊

Although Bruce thought he was in love with the young woman, he soon realized he was only infatuated with her.  🔊

The woman was so infatuated with the basketball player that she never missed a game.  🔊

During his third year in school, Jake became infatuated with archaeology and changed his major.  🔊

The troubled young woman became infatuated with her psychiatrist and fantasized about a fake relationship.  🔊

After Rick realized he was no longer infatuated with his wife, he filed for divorce.  🔊

Even as a young boy, the singer was infatuated with music.  🔊

Even though Terry was infatuated with his coworker, he was too shy to express his feelings.  🔊

Because Stan was infatuated with Teresa, he went out of his way to talk to her daily.  🔊

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