Contiguous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contiguous

used to describe things that touch each other or are next to each other

Examples of Contiguous in a sentence

Susan chose her condominium because she loved the fact its layout included a large playroom for her growing family.  🔊

Although many individuals own several pieces of property in our town, few of them own contiguous lots that are located right next to each other.  🔊

Having a balcony that is contiguous to my bedroom allows me to view the sunrise from my bed.  🔊

Because there is a bar contiguous to the pool, you do not have to get out of the water to order a drink.  🔊

Although the paintings were placed next to each other in contiguous positions as though they were related in some fashion, they were not associated in any manner.  🔊

Even though the governor’s house is located next to his mother’s house, the properties are not contiguous because of the stream which separates them.  🔊

Since the two lakes are contiguous, they seem to flow into each other.  🔊

The escaped prisoner found it easy to cross the border of the two contiguous states.  🔊

Because my office is contiguous to my boss’ office, I often hear many of his private conversations.  🔊

The little boy put the blocks together in a contiguous pattern to form a letter of the alphabet.  🔊

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