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Definition of Indigenous

produced, living, or existing naturally

Examples of Indigenous in a sentence

The class of students enjoyed learning about unusual animals that are indigenous and found naturally in the wild in North America. 🔊

Because all of the ingredients of the product are found in the walls of desert caves, the final product is considered to be indigenous to the desert. 🔊

The marine scientists were confused when they found a species of fish that was not indigenous to the ocean water. 🔊

Since the native tribes had no means of travelling, all of the food they ate was indigenous to their own communities. 🔊

Because these trees require very moist temperatures to grow, they are only indigenous in rain forests. 🔊

Nothing beats fresh produce from the ground in its indigenous state. 🔊

As a tourist, I make a point of visiting the first citizens of a country, the indigenous people, so I can learn about the ways of the land. 🔊

Millions of miles away from other cities, the secluded town could only exist on items indigenous within its area. 🔊

Before Ted went overseas, he went to the trouble of learning the indigenous customs and languages of the countries he planned to visit. 🔊

When you introduce a new species of birds to the indigenous species in a habitat, there is bound to be some type of conflict. 🔊

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