Confirmed in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Confirmed

describing someone who is firmly established in a set of ways or practice

Examples of Confirmed in a sentence

The young man is a confirmed bachelor, having been single for almost three years now and not looking to marry anytime soon.  🔊

Matthew is a confirmed jerk at this point, considering how often he bullies everyone in the grades beneath his own.  🔊

Personally I would call my father a confirmed hero, being a firefighter that constantly risks his life to save other people.  🔊

Evel Knievel was what people would call ‘a confirmed daredevil,’ taking all of his dangerous stunts and reckless lifestyle into account.  🔊

A confirmed con artist would be someone that everyone recognizes as a scammer due to his constant attempts to cheat people out of their money.  🔊

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