Implacable in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Implacable

not capable of being appeased

Examples of Implacable in a sentence

There was nothing Jason could do to please his implacable ex-wife. 🔊

Even after being offered a free gift card, the angry customer remained implacable.  🔊

The little boy was implacable when his parents left him alone with the babysitter. 🔊

Although the lawyer apologized for being late to court, he was still fined by the implacable judge who did not appreciate his tardiness.  🔊

The students were not happy about their teacher’s implacable policy of not accepting late homework.  🔊

After Sandra learned her son had wrecked her car, she was implacable and not willing to listen to any explanations.  🔊

With implacable determination, the police vowed to find the man who had killed one of their own.  🔊

Since the homeowner did not want to pay additional taxes, he was implacable in his opposition to the proposed tax increase.  🔊

Sam was implacable and not willing to accept his former friend’s apology.  🔊

When Jared learned the judge had dismissed the charges against his wife’s killer, he flew into an implacable rage.  🔊

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