Misrepresent in a Sentence  ðŸ”Š

Definition of Misrepresent

to represent falsely; to inaccurately portray something

Examples of Misrepresent in a sentence

The video has been edited and doctored out of context to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred.  ðŸ”Š

If you misrepresent the truth on purpose, you can be punished under federal or state law or both.  ðŸ”Š

When you misrepresent the nature of your product by claiming it will make you look 30 years younger overnight, people will question your ethics.  ðŸ”Š

Some sellers will attempt to misrepresent the condition of a house to buyers.  ðŸ”Š

Norman consistently misrepresents the situation and uses propaganda to convince people that black is white.  ðŸ”Š

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