Inauspicious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inauspicious

unlucky; not likely to be successful

Examples of Inauspicious in a sentence

As I looked at the dark clouds in the sky, I knew today was an inauspicious day for a picnic.  🔊

Jill was unhappy when the fortune-teller told her she was destined to be inauspicious in love.  🔊

Since I hit a car backing out of my driveway, I would definitely describe my first driving experience as inauspicious.  🔊

The restaurant owner decided to close his café after a few inauspicious months.  🔊

Teaching new tricks to an old dog is probably going to be an inauspicious experience for you.  🔊

While the inventor was a tad upset about the inauspicious testing of his project, he was smart enough to realize the failed trial was a learning event.  🔊

Bets are being taken as to how long the inauspicious show will run without a decent audience every night.  🔊

Although Charles had an inauspicious childhood as a penniless orphan, today he is a billionaire with a wonderful wife and four adorable children.  🔊

Jack and Jill’s first date had an inauspicious beginning when Jack’s car broke down on the highway.  🔊

When William overslept and missed an important meeting at work, he had an inauspicious day that began with him being screamed at by his boss.  🔊

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