Dissolute in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Dissolute

given to immoral behavior

Examples of Dissolute in a sentence

Everyone was shocked when the nun left the convent to marry a dissolute man who did not believe in God. 🔊

When I was young, I was rather dissolute and only hung out with people who got into trouble for behaving improperly.  🔊

Ellen was kicked out of the Christian school because of her dissolute conduct that violated a number of the school’s policies. 🔊

After being arrested for hiring a prostitute, the dissolute minister was asked to give up his church position.  🔊

Carl has been excommunicated from the church because of his dissolute habits.  🔊

Because people know my boyfriend is in a motorcycle group, they often think he is a dissolute person when in reality he is a skilled surgeon who rides his bike for relaxation.  🔊

My cousin is a dissolute woman who likes to irritate her religious parents by performing immoral deeds.  🔊

While the kingdom fell apart, the dissolute king spent his time enjoying the pleasures of women and alcohol.  🔊

As soon as the media learned of the senator’s dissolute scandal, they followed him around for months hoping to catch him with his mistress.  🔊

Although Hank was dissolute and prone to breaking laws in his youth, today he is a police officer who takes pride in serving his community.  🔊

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