Subversive in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Subversive

intended to destroy the power or influence of a government or an established belief

Examples of Subversive in a sentence

1. The group published a subversive magazine that contained nothing but negative articles about the current government. 🔉

2. On Sunday night, the subversive members of the church usually meet to discuss ways to get rid of their minister. 🔉

3. The government closely monitors subversive organizations to see if they pose a threat to the country. 🔉

4. In the movie, the dictator sent out troops to kill all of the subversive rebels who were trying to remove him from power. 🔉

5. The terrorists blew up the building as a subversive act to protest against our country’s occupation of their own nation. 🔉

6. Because the political cartoons written about the president were created by one of his enemies, they are very subversive in nature. 🔉

7. Every day, subversive groups are recruiting young people to join their rebellious organizations. 🔉

8. Through its protest, the subversive crowd is displaying its opposition to the government’s crimes against humanity.  🔉

9. The professor used his lessons to teach subversive philosophies to his frustrated students who were displeased with the president’s policies. 🔉

10. Although the cult leader preached peace, his actions were of a violent nature and completely subversive to state and national authorities. 🔉

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