Induce in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Induce

to bring about or lead by persuasion

Examples of Induce in a sentence

Sharon read somewhere that one can induce childbirth by smoking a cigarette, but her doctor strongly urged her against attempting something so foolhardy.  🔊

Every attempt to induce dad to lend us his car failed because he feared that we would drive drunk, endangering our lives.  🔊

David shaved off his long beard out of fear that it would induce hostility among his co-workers because of how much it made him stand out.  🔊

Our attempts to induce Charlie by pressuring him to apply to the same college as we had failed, because he wanted a college closer to home.  🔊

Bob damaged the part of his brain that can induce dreams and out-of-body experiences, permanently altering his mental state.  🔊

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