Impair in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Impair

damage or weaken something

Examples of Impair in a sentence

Alcohol can greatly impair your judgement.  🔊

Certain drugs will impair your depth perception, making it unsafe to drive.  🔊

Smoking cigarettes will impair your overall level of health.  🔊

A bad diet can impair your ability to perform athletically.  🔊

Smoking pot is known to impair your reaction time.  🔊

Emotions can sometimes impair your ability to reason properly.  🔊

Most sunglasses will slightly impair your depth perception, throwing off your ability to judge distances.  🔊

Fear can impair your ability to react properly in an emergency.  🔊

Those new pills did nothing but impair his ability to think clearly.  🔊

A cracked windshield can impair your ability to see while driving.  🔊

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