Infusion in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infusion

the act of adding one thing to something else in order to make it stronger or more successful

Examples of Infusion in a sentence

The secret to great sweet tea is the infusion of black and orange pekoe teas into the hot water. 🔊

The basketball team received a much needed infusion of defensive energy with the addition of a seven foot freshman power forward. 🔊

Slathering mayonnaise on dry hair and letting it soak in will give your hair an infusion of protein and oils that help control unwanted frizz. 🔊

For a rich, smoky flavor infusion to your grilled food, add hickory wood chips to your charcoal. 🔊

My grandmother swore an infusion of lemon, mint, black tea, and honey would cure whatever might ail you. 🔊

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