Injustice in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Injustice

unfair treatment

Examples of Injustice in a sentence

Having a father who was falsely imprisoned, he was no stranger to injustice. 🔊

Many are up in arms over police injustice around the country. 🔊

The American Revolution started because of a perceived injustice in the taxes levied by England. 🔊

The judge would not be part of this injustice, which is why he declared the man to be innocent. 🔊

There is still plenty of injustice around the world when it comes to racial equality. 🔊

After witnessing so much injustice, the man could not help but speak out against the court. 🔊

They had sentenced an innocent man to death, which was not an injustice they could ever rectify. 🔊

It may have been a slight injustice, but the boy did not feel bad about his friend taking the fall for his theft. 🔊

The lawyer worked his hardest to combat the injustice of society. 🔊

As a boy, he had witnessed enough injustice to inspire him to become an honest and forthright lawyer. 🔊

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