Fallible in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fallible

capable of making mistakes or being wrong

Examples of Fallible in a sentence

Even though we are all fallible to some degree, the most successful people have learned how to rise above their weaknesses.  🔊

If you want to get the jury’s sympathy, you’ll need to appear at least a little fallible and not like you believe you’re above the law.  🔊

When we saw our possessions were broken and scattered throughout the apartment, we realized that our so-called burglar-proof alarm system was fallible, after all.  🔊

It’s often a shock to realize that your hero is fallible, which is probably why some parents take a longer time than others to reveal the truth about Santa Claus to their kids.  🔊

The crime-solving techniques of a couple of decades ago were much more fallible than today’s methods.  🔊

Because she couldn’t believe her father was fallible, she continued to watch the street for signs of his car coming back home.  🔊

Despite the fact that George is considered the company’s top problem solver, everyone knows he is fallible and will sometimes make poor decisions.  🔊

If you think about it, the morals of most of Aesop’s fables have to do with the fact that everyone is fallible.  🔊

Dr. Stevens couldn’t make a conclusive diagnosis because he discovered that a fallible formula had been used in the test.  🔊

Although many of our politicians prove to be fallible, the principles our constitution was founded upon will always remain solid.  🔊

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