Insatiable in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Insatiable

never have enough of something

Examples of Insatiable in a sentence

After being lost in the desert for days, the dehydrated man figured that all the water in the world would not quench his insatiable thirst. 🔊

Exploring all of the caves in the western hemisphere did not even cure the adventurer’s insatiable curiosity for the unknown. 🔊

Barbara’s husband confronted his wife about her insatiable shopping habits which he knew would continue to increase their debt. 🔊

A teenage boy’s insatiable hunger always makes the parents wonder how he can eat so much food and still want more.  🔊

The only reason for the politician’s candidacy for president was due to his insatiable desire for power even though he really did not care for the duties of the job.  🔊

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