Intimidated in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Intimidated

to become timid or fearful of

Examples of Intimidated in a sentence

1. Jack was intimidated by the gangster, which is why he agreed to give him all of his money. 🔉

2. The guru taught us that if we do not want to feel intimidated, we must work on developing our own self-esteem. 🔉

3. Although Garry denied that he was intimidated by the grueling test, we could tell that he was overwhelmed by the look on his face. 🔉

4. We were sure that grandma would be intimidated by the six foot, three-hundred-pound sailor that had walked through her front door! 🔉

5. The bully took advantage of the fact that all of the kids in his class were intimidated by his physical strength. 🔉

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