Unnerving in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Unnerving

causing fear, anxiety, or loss of courage

Examples of Unnerving in a sentence

As her voice trembled and hands shook, the speaker realized just how unnerving it can be to talk to such a large crowd.  🔊

Basic training was unnerving for the soldier’s worried family since they weren’t allowed to see or talk to him for several weeks.  🔊

The whole process of going after her rapist was unnerving and caused the victim to lose courage.  🔊

Eerie and unnerving noises traveled through the cabin, scaring the already anxious campers who had been telling ghost stories.  🔊

Losing the election by one vote was an unnerving experience, but the candidate hoped he could get his confidence back and have the courage to try again.  🔊

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