Inundate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inundate

overwhelm with things or people

Examples of Inundate in a sentence

My boss is the type of person who likes to inundate others with projects.  🔊

As a teacher, you can expect to have a room full of students who will inundate you with questions.  🔊

The natural force of the hurricane will soon inundate the state with water.  🔊

Because of the poor economy, unemployed workers will more than likely inundate the government with requests for financial assistance.  🔊

If you inundate my husband with questions, he will get very upset.  🔊

When the volcano erupts, lava will inundate the town and force people out of their homes.  🔊

Since James is very sensitive to odors, he will not spray any fragrance in his house that will inundate his sinuses.  🔊

I hope the excited fans will not inundate the shy celebrity when she walks into the theater.  🔊

If dogs and cats are not spayed and neutered, they can overpopulate and inundate the planet.  🔊

Angry customers may inundate our customer support line if their orders do not arrive on time.  🔊

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