Stressor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Stressor

something or someone who causes tension or trauma

Examples of Stressor in a sentence

The teacher’s tears at the end of the day was caused by the demands of the job with the main stressor being the unruly students in her classes.  🔊

Even though a high school student’s workload is difficult, their stressor seems to be peer pressure due to that being their main factor in having anxiety.  🔊

Acquiring a new position in another state was wonderful, but the stressor was moving all of my stuff to another state due to complications.  🔊

Although she knew she wanted to be happy about having a baby, Jackie’s unplanned pregnancy was a stressor that added to her depression.  🔊

The process of building their first home was a stressor that both financially and mentally strained the already overwhelmed newlyweds.  🔊

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