Trodden in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Trodden

heavily walked upon

Examples of Trodden in a sentence

This road is heavily trodden, being walked by dozens of people every day and trampling the dirt into the ground.  🔊

A frequently trodden path will be worn smooth soon enough, being beaten into a flat surface by the hundreds of feet that walk it.  🔊

The path to greed and selfishness is unfortunately a more heavily trodden path that charity and grace, hence why there is more evil than good in the world.  🔊

The sidewalk is a far more heavily trodden path than the woods and wilds of the wilderness, seeing a lot more feet upon its surface.  🔊

You can consider you path to work one of the most trodden in your life, considering how often you take that road between home and work.  🔊

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