Kibitz in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Kibitz

to sit in on a conversation or event and offer unsolicited advice

Examples of Kibitz in a sentence

Watching the men play roulette, a passerby began to kibitz and tell the gamblers where to place their bets. 🔊

My mother likes to kibitz at my father’s card game, always offering betting advice that he never asks for. 🔊

I like to laugh and kibitz at the bingo hall, usually talking to those at my table while they dab their cards. 🔊

My mother in-law can’t help but to kibitz freely every time she even thinks my wife might need advice on a situation.  🔊

The chatty woman joined the other group at their table and began to kibitz the newlyweds with unwanted marriage advice.  🔊

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